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Free Minecraft skin maker online

Free Minecraft Skin Maker

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Minercraft is a popular game. It attracts many players to play. This game is a free Minecraft Skin Maker that it allows you to use textured cubes to build constructions in a 3D world. In Minercraft, you have your own character skin to explore the wonderful world. However, the characters in this game are quite unsightly and not diversified. Their skin is so simple. And you have no choice to change their skin in the game.

Skins are known as a textured that created an appearance for a character. Each skin is a rectangular image which combines together into areas to create a character’s shape. A skin’s size is 64 x 32 pixels.

To satisfy the fans’ passion, our website – Minecraft Skin Maker gives you a new tool for fans of Minecraft. It called Skin Editor. This is a great tool for your creation abilities. It is a simple tool and easy to use. Because a drawing tool bar helps you edit the skins. The painting abilities will be improved.

Our website brings you many characters in many different fields to select such as movie, TV, people, game etc. In each field, there are a lot of different chacrater to edit. Choose your favorite Minecraft man or favorite character. Before your progress is started, scan your whole character from top to bottom to remember how he or she looks. In each option, you receive a basic shape with colorless rectangular cubes. The basic shape includes head, body, two arms and two legs. Customize your shape to make him or her look like exactly the game’s character. Or you can customize your shape to become someone else as you want. Using your imagination and painting skills to edit your Minecraft man. When your progress is done, share and upload your skin image to our website.

How to play:

Using your mouse to use this tool.
Press and hold Shift and drag mouse to rotate the skin.

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